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No Country's Interested in America's No. 1 Position!
Li Yang, Consul General of China in Rio de Janeiro
2021-04-30 03:55

It's been a major source of anxiety for American politicians that China will outperform their own country. The worry is quite unnecessary, since the US will remain "the world's No. 1" forever!


The US is the most democratic country in the world! It is so democratic that the people couldn't even elect their president smoothly. Infightings over any tiny matter have been incessant: the administration versus the Congress, the Democrats versus the Republicans, the government versus the people, the federal versus the states and across interest groups. Democracy prevails to such an extent that people still debate over whether the disease actually exists and fail to agree on wearing masks while COVID-19 has already killed hundreds of thousands! No country wishes to snatch this No. 1!


The US is the most peace-loving country in the world! In the more than 240 years since its founding, the country did not launch external war in only 16 years. Some of the wars are still ongoing. In those wars, tens of millions of people have died, been wounded and displaced in many countries and unmeasurable damage has been done to human civilization! As an article published on the Foreign Policy in Focus website on April 14 rightly pointed out, the US is a mass-killing machine and arms dealers are still developing powerful nuclear weapons and expanding the country's nuclear arsenal, which already has 3,800 nuclear weaheads. Except for the US, who else would want to champion in this respect?


The US has the best human rights record in the world! The country committed the original sin of genocide by killing 95% of the Indian population. Even today, there is pervasive White supremacy, systemic racial discrimination and extensive violent law enforcement in America. Between January and November 2020, there were only 17 days on which no death was caused by any law enforcement officer in the US, according to statistics. There are 650,000 homeless people in the country and that number could rise to more than 1.1 million in two years. No one wants to break such a world record!


The US is the safest country in the world! In 2020, gun sales hit a record high, up 40% from 2019. In January 2021 alone, more than 2 million guns were sold, up 80% from a year earlier. In 2020, more than 40,000 people died in shootings, an average of over 110 a day; the number of mass shootings with more than four casualties per incident reached a record high of 600-plus, an increase of 47% over the previous year. This world's No. 1 is equally not sought after!


The US is the most enterprising country in the world! More than 60% of the narcotic drugs produced in the world are destined for the US, where drug users account for 8.3% of the total population and many more are involved in the drug supply chain. America's 40-year war on drugs has failed and more and more states are lifting the prohibition on marijuana and other drugs. The US also has the world's largest pornographic industry, with gangs spreading all over the country. Its economy is over-financialized, fueling the rise of the rentier class, and the parasite of the society! This most powerful state in the universe has too rich exhibits of ugliness, corruption and moral degeneration. No one wants to surpass the US in these aspects!


The US performs the best in achieving common prosperity! Last July, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the richest 0.1% of Americans own nearly 20% of the nation's wealth, close to the sum of wealth by the bottom 90% combined. The wealth gap is now the widest since the Great Depression. Structural racism and serious inequalities in education, health care and finance are causing a range of social problems. And that honor belongs to the US only.


The US is the most ethical country in the world! When it fails to compete with other countries in trade, it increases tariffs; when it fails in technology, it cuts supplies to crack down the opponents. When it talks about competition, it readily uses rogue means such as delisting or forcefully acquiring foreign companies and detaining foreign company executives. The US is keen to hook up followers to jointly sanction or attack its rivals with rumors. Out of selfish interests, it launches at will military strikes or color revolutions against other countries. America is so apt to cover up its sinister intentions with 'care' for the people of other countries! The chivalry is beyond comparison!


Et cetera, et cetera. There are so many examples of America being No.1 in the world. However, China does not covet the US in any of these. American politicians are advised not to be indulged in the illusion of preventing China from developing and becoming stronger. China is determined to be the best version of itself! To be more specific, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, China will enable all its people to live a richer, better and happier life, make the country stronger, more civilized and more beautiful, and contribute duly to lasting peace, universal prosperity, common security and sustainable development of mankind.

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